• We use FinalBuilder Server at is pretty simple and effective.

    Best from France,

  • I'm using TeamCity in combination with MSBuild.

    TeamCity because it runs both nicely, my Java-Maven-Build and my .NET-MSBuild's.

    MSBuild because Visual Studio uses it. Therefore we maintain only a very small part manually.

  • FinalBuilder is a _the_ killer build app. I use it in work with TFS as the CI engine and outside of work as standalone on my home dev PC. It absolutely rocks and makes light work of tasks that would be painful using XML-hell tools like NAnt & MS Build. Couldn't build without it!

    Would like to hear more about integrating FinalBuilder with TeamCity too!

  • I would say that most people does continuous BUILDS and call that continuous INTEGRATION, which is the former adding some kind of integration testing.
    Anyway, if a team does continuous build is a lot of steps ahead of the ugly "developer machine Visual Studio build and publish".

  • Don't forget PowerShell as an automate tool. It can create IIS website, deploy an exe in a virtual machine and what not

  • Using Team System with Nunit Tests.

    My project is setup with Team System and we have Nunit tests. How can I get a CI build to run the tests?
    Are there integration points with TS Test Suite?
    Code coverage etc?

  • :) Thanks a lot Roy for clearing that up for me.


    Like Sean, I would be keen to hear more about TeamCity and FinalBuilder.

  • I use Hudson and can attest that we happily it for building C++ and C# projects.

    We used to use CC.NET but are progressively moving away from it towards Hudson. The configuration is much nicer and the community is significantly more active.

    Highly recommended.

  • Cool tools recopilation ... !!!
    small question: why don't you add TFS to the CI list ?


  • TFS Build in the next version (2010) uses Workflow Foundation. This has pro and cons, but if you does not like managing xml configuration file (msbuild, nant, etc), you can edit the build with graphical editor :).

    I must admit that, when you get used to msbuild, nant, or other xml tool, graphical editors are not so welcome. Editing an xml file is really quick, and I tend to prefer using msbuild or nant.


  • While I agree with recommending TeamCity over CC.NET for ease of maintenance, I do think that maintainable, testable scripts can be written in NAnt. The designers put a lot of thought into that tool. It does have a learning curve, though.

  • Under build automation tools, you should include Make, the granddaddy of them all. Or is this post just about .NET tooling?

  • One point of clarification: FinalBuilder is a build automation tool, but with some of the SKUs, you get FinalBuilder Server, which is a continuous integration server (it has time and source control triggers).

    We use and love both!

  • We are a .NET shop and use Hudson. Not only it's a simple and great tool, but also looks like highly customizable and extensible for everything we wanted to implement so far.

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