• You _should_ care about the generated code, because it lets you do things server-side the same way they are done client-side. You know, like for browsers with JavaScipt turned off (mobile, 401K, etc).

  • I've used Script# a LOT, and until it open sourced or there is professional support behind it, I'd advise against using it in production. Latest Release: 8/28/2008. It used to have a support forum, not any more. Use jsc or something, but relying on an unsupported incomplete framework is going to boil down to trouble. It did forus.

    PS given that office 2010 was written in S#, maybe we'll see the MS internal version
    sometime soon. Here's hoping...

  • Libraries like jQuery really help in javascript development.

    That being said, I see jQuery addin you mention, what about all the plugins for jQuery ?

    The true power imo of jQuery are the tons of user contribution plugins.

  • Take a look at Google's amazing project - GWT (and its extentions GWT-EXT).
    This is where the project you mention should inspire from.

  • Have you seen anything that would help use script# and VS to build Google gadgets?

  • Your article has been stolen here:

  • I also like the idea of scriptsharp also very much. Show me a tool I can use to do type checking, refactoring (without type checking refactoring becomes virtually impossible), code completion.
    Compiling means capturing errors up front! Having no type checking means virtually anything can go in, without knowing what will come out.
    Scriptsharp should be updated more often, I miss some C# 3.5 code constructs, which could simplify code significantly : anonymous objects, object initializers etc. I tried contacting the author, but for several months he does not respond anymore to any of my questions...

  • http://groups.google.com/group/scriptsharp_coding

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