• very nice,
    I didn't understand why he didn't use Iterator for the Enumerator

  • Useful, I guess, for people who refuse to use VB, since reading XML is pretty darned easy in VB 2008.

  • Any chance of releasing this as a standalone tool?

  • The project started as 'MeWare'. That's the reason why no decent webpage is present and why it has certain loose ends.

    As soon as I find some time I'll create a webpage with some more information about how to use it and I'll also update the webapp to cover more cases and to make the generated code 'better'.

    Keep your eye on the page :)

  • As for the request for a stand alone tool : The code was structured in a way so that it will be possible, I already have some mockup code that does just this, with some extra stuff ofcourse.
    For example: The webapp will try to guess what type is found (Int, String, ...). The mockup I have now let's you change this if you want it to be something else. It's not unthinkable that I will finish this tool and release it. If I do I will definatly mention it on the webapp page.

  • I don't see how that tool is much different from the xsd.exe that has always been with the .net framework - just call it twice:

    xsd test.xml --> leads to a .xsd file
    xsd -classes test.xsd --> leads to a .cs file

    After that it's just plain old xml-serialization....

  • Just realized - xsd.exe is part of the visualstudio sdk - anyways...

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