• NDepend can do that, and I *think* there's an add-on for .NET Reflector that does that too. I haven't played with those myself yet, though.

  • Reflector can sort of do an assembly compare, but the plugin is very rudimentary and limited. I haven't tried NDepend.

  • Another option with Reflector is to disassemble to files (that plug-in works fine, in my experience) then to diff the files.

  • It seems interesting, but I fully agree with John Rusk.
    60$ for a Single User licence is too expensive for a tool that can be easily replaced by a disassemble/compare done with free stuff like WinMerge or KDiff.
    Obviously an integrated tool is better that a multi-step solution executed with different softwares, but the in this way it's much more flexible since you are not constrained by the integrated tool limitations

  • MS LibCheck can store/diff assembly APIs. Will take a look at BitDiffer.

    Going to integrate this into our build process... diff CI build APIs to last release. Good info for dev and qa.

    You guys automate the reflector or winmerge diffs?


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