• have done autoforwarding that way. But the issue with almost all users is that for eg. they want to forward frm their official id to a client id.. they can recieve mails sent frm other ids but cant get the mails which are sent from their client id which will first be sent to the official id and has to get forwarded again to the client id.. wats the prob

  • I've added an external contact (with their e-mail address) to AD, but when I go into the user whose mail I want forwarded, I am unable to find the contact in the lookup list.

    I am going into Exchange General (tab) > Delivery Options (button) > Forward To (radio) > Modify (button) > Advanced (button) > Find Now (button) and all users and other objects appear, except for the contact I just created.

    Please help as this is driving me crazy!!


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