Matrix Spoof featuring Gates and Ballmer

The MVP Summit featured a cool spoof of the Matrix featuring Bill Gates as Morpheus and Steve Ballmer as Neo.  Everyone wanted a copy of it, but we were told they didn't have the rights to give it to us.  Apparently it was also featured at Comdex last year, and here's a lot of pictures from it and half of the video.


  • Yep, that was one of the hottest searches on Google right after Comdex last year. MS says they're not going to release it, either.

    Too bad, I think it would give them some good pub.

  • Then there was the one at the 2000 PDC where Balmer was Dr. Evil and Gates was Austin Powers, followed by a "Real World - Redmond" segment where the duo were joined by Tom Brokaw and (was it) Leslie Stall and (IIRC) some other celebrity, all living together in Bill's house. I waited for the DVD set of the PDC that we ordered at priceline, only to be disappointed when they faded out from Bill's keynote, then just faded back in without the video. sigh.

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