Google Toolbar Spell Check API

I saw in this post that the Google toolbar could be extracted and looked at. So, I spend an afternoon reverse engineering the spell checker api. The api ends up to be very easy to use. Checking is done with an HTTP post to The xml structure looks like this...
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<spellrequest textalreadyclipped="0" ignoredups="0" ignoredigits="1" ignoreallcaps="1">
    <text>Ths is a tst</text>
The response look like ...
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<spellresult error="0" clipped="0" charschecked="12">
    <c o="0" l="3" s="1">This Th's Thus Th HS</c>
    <c o="9" l="3" s="1">test tat ST St st</c>
the offset from the start of the text of the word
length of misspelled word
Confidence of the suggestion
tab delimited list of suggestions
I created a complete C# GoogleSpell library as a demo. The library can be download at
Here is an example on how to use GoogleSpell …
string text = "ths is a tst";
SpellRequest request = new SpellRequest(text);

SpellResult result = SpellCheck.Check(request);

foreach (SpellCorrection correction in result.Corrections)
    Console.WriteLine("Misspelled: {0} ({1}:{2})"
        text.Substring(correction.Offset, correction.Length), 
        correction.Offset, correction.Length);

    foreach(string suggestion in correction.Suggestions)
        Console.WriteLine("    {0}", suggestion);
I plan to develop an ajax web client for the google spell api.  This will be really sweet as it won't require anything to be installed on the sever other then a js file.  I'll post again when I have the web client complete.
~ Paul


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