Atlas PasswordStrength Display Extender control

I have been writing an Atlas Extender control using the Atlas control toolkit in my spare time lately, and I thought I'd share its progress with everyone so far. It's certainly not complete and is a bit raw, but it does display the strength of the password you are entering into a textbox interactively.

I mocked up a quick and dirty test page so you can have a look. Its here ( ). It shows the markup used to display the password strength on that page.

Note: Apologies for the ugliness of the page, but its only a test bed, so bear with me.

Any suggestions would be welcome but bear in mind, its early days with it, and I'll update it as I get time. I intend to provide other display types instead of just a texual dsplay, such as a bar inicator, perhaps some other graphical thingo. Opacity is always a crowd pleaser, I am sure I can find a cool way to utilise that in there somewhere. Not sure yet.

It will be provided with full source code once complete, and I think I'll provide a step by step tutorial on how its implemented too. I will say the Atlas control toolkit does make things a lot easier. Kudos to Shawn Burke and his team for a job well done.


  • Hi Paul, nice work! I vote for an animated bar indicator as the next step.


  • I am not shure if this implementation make sense, Atlas makes calls to server and i dont think ist necessarry ( and overhead ) do real time check the input on the server side cause the rule doenst change.

    Would make sense to check this continusly on client side without callback and here we are on some missing feature of ASP.NET (or ATLAS)

    or is your implementation diffrent?

  • The implementation I have done is purely client side only. There are no postbacks being done. Its only for an indication of password strength. I think making server side calls for this purpose is an innefficient way of doing so, and consumes uneccessary bandwidth.

    Thats not to say its a totally bad way of doing so, its just the intent of this control is only to provide an indication of the passwords strength. It could be easily extended to do some server side processing but I have no intention of doing so at this stage. That is, unless someone provides a compelling reason to do so.

    The main advantage of this control is the ease of which you can extend a textbox to display the password strength interactively.

    It would be nice to have a control that caters for everyones needs though so am open to all suggestions.

  • i want to know the how we use password strenth

  • Suresh,

    Go to and follow the links to download the toolkit. It contains a sample application that demonstrates use of the password strength control, as well as every other control in the toolkit.

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