Visual Studio 2008 is Out and Startup Is FAST

Okay, so I have to admit that in the two days I've had Visual Studio 2008 installed on my desktop system I haven't had a chance to look at everything.  However, when I was at Tech-Ed Barcelona I saw several demos where the speaker started Visual Studio 2008 and it seemed to just spring to life.  My experiences with Visual Studio 2005 was far from "springy" including seeing the "Preparing Visual Studio for first use" diaog about every 5th time I started the application.  In every demo, I had to make sure VS2005 was already running to avoid long delays and audience boredom.

So one of the first things I tried after installing it (and getting the first use dialog dealt with) was looking at just how fast it comes up now, and boy is it fast!  This is going to make demos and just daily development life much easier.  Well done VS Team!

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