.NET Love Story Continues...

It has been DateTime.Now.Subtract(TimeSpan.FromDays(365)) since my last Message. I was hoping you would Response.Write or just give me a CallBack. So much has happened lately, it is difficult to Process. Although you Delegate your work, we seem to be on different Threads, and it feels like I am not as much of a Thread.Priority to you. Your communication always starts with "Me" or "My", when I am trying to suggest this or That. I am not the Anonymous Type. Rather, I am Literal. Are we still compatible?

Remember your old Studio? I new that Environment well. Yes it needed constant refreshing, but a little AJAX would have fixed that problem. However, since you moved into the Team Suite, it feels it has been without a proper Foundation. You are spending all your time with the Designer. Some of your Methods are difficult to manage, so I am hoping we can Refactor things real soon. Perhaps you could just do a Snippet of work here and there. Don't hesitiate to give me a List<HoneyDo>. That way, we can have time to watch our favorite show: "XQuery Eye for the T-SQL Guy".

I don't want to lose our Connection. Some have recommended we Abort, but I want us to Commit. True, I am running out of Cache, and I have some Dependencies. That is why I think we should go back to Sessions. You said you would never goto again, but it can Configure the state of our affairs to be more durable, and persist when things shut down.

Eventually, we will have Children.Count>0. What will they Inherit? Probably everything from just one parent. However, we can both be Providers. Nonetheless, they will Override the way we do things.

As we peer into the Vista of our future, we should not forget about our special Linq. Lets be deterministic! I want our LifetimeServices to be filled with Expressions. I still see the Sparkle in your eyes!


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