82 Blog Posts in 2007

imageMy blog post count in 2007 is 82.  That number is higher than all my blog posts combined before 2007.  Compared to some, 82 is nothing to brag about.  With that said, I am setting a personal goal in 2008 to post over 240 blogs.  My reason is simple - the best blogs I read are typically from those who blog frequently.

Quantity is not the only goal.  The blogs that I enjoy reading seem to have one or more of the following traits:

  • Catchy title (with content to match)
  • Useful tips/tricks
  • Code samples
  • Narrative of technical journey
  • Challenging or controversial content
  • Personality
  • Reference(s) to important information

Is there anything else you would add to the list above?  What is the one thing you hope a technical blog post to contain?  What do you *not* want to see in a blog post?  Who writes your favorite blog posts?  What does that person do that catches your attention?

Also, how many of you actually use the "tag" feature associated with most blog engines?  Are tags truly helpful to finding what you want?  Are more or less tags at a blog site helpful?

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  • tags aren't necessarily only for your help or blog, but for helping others find your content. pingbacks to tag places like technorait, etc. make your content more discoverable. other people will find/linkback/etc. making your content more relevant and thus more visible to others in searching in blog searches or other search engines.

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