About Scott Forsyth's Blog

This blog is a place where I post technical writings about various technologies that I work with, ranging from ASP.NET, IIS, URL Rewrite, SQL Server, webfarms to general system administration. 


Expect 1 - 2 blog posts per month when I'm on a roll, and periods of time when I'm slower if my head is buried in other projects.


I'm Co-founder and Chief Systems Engineer of Vaasnet, a company that offers instant-on dev, training and demo labs for individuals and companies looking to improve their tooling and to provide templates for their customers.  I am also the Technology Director at Dynamicweb USA, an eCommerce and CMS platform in the .NET space, and I'm an IT Consultant focusing primarily on the IIS and .NET stack, so I get an opportunity to work on a wide range of technologies.