Silverlight Surface Demonstration (Video Support)

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In one of my last posts I wrote about the Silverlight Surface demo of the "photo table". If you had a look on the live demo you only see images, no video. I have added this because it is a very great idea to do it with Silverlight and the high media support inside.

I setup a online version and the source files. It will include a Visual Studio .NET 2005 project, so you don't need Visual Studio code named Orcas to build it, only Silverlight 1.1 alpha. (For more details: How to build a Silverlight Web application with Visual Studio .NET 20005?)


How could we extend the Silverlight Surface demo?

  1. Flickr or Google/ search support to add new media files
  2. auto-sort/align images
  3. create a PDF of the arranged photo table
  4. add some physics to the move and resize movements (to simulate more the Microsoft Surface product)
  5. add EXIF photo information when moving over a picture (in-picture)
  6. ...

I would be happy if there is anybody fetching the source code and extending it with more features. Maybe you can remember the rolling gears example with WPF/E in the past?


Updated: Why does the video flicker?

Because I didn't get the ZIndex property working correct the video will be removed from the parent Canvas and added again to be in top of the elements. While removed the old element the screen flickers and the video starts again from the beginning each time you click on the video. I'm note sure if it is a bug or why it is not working. In the download you will find the lines in comment in Page.cs.

Updated: I fixed this dummy bug on my side today, so have a look at the updated files.


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