Silverlight Examples

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During the weekend I spent some minutes to collect some of the greatest Silverlight examples. Most of them need the Silverlight 1.1 alpha runtime which is available for download here.

If you are missing any great demo or article please use the comments or contact page to add it.

  1. Great Visual Studio QuickStarts for Silverlight 1.0/1.1 New!
  2. Silverlight Ink Experiments New!
  3. Convert Text to Path New!
  4. HTML DOM Interop with Silverlight New!
  5. Drag and Drop in Silverlight 1.0 New!
  6. Game of Life in Silverlight and F# New!
  7. Virtual Earth and Silverlight New!
  8. Smalltalk based on Silverlight/DLR New!
  9. Silverlight and Google Gears New!
  10. Creating A Data-driven Control New!
  11. 3D in Silverlight 1.1 Alpha
  12. RadControls for Silverlight by Telerik
  13. Silverlight 1.1 2D Physics with Source Code 
  14. Lutz's Digger, Monotone and Inplay; see also .NET Reflector Plugin for Silverlight
  15. DLR Console
  16. Silverlight Chess (JavaScript vs. C#)
  17. SWF2XAML: A Slightly better Flash to XAML Conversion
  18. Scott Guthrie's blog posts tagged with Silverlight
  19. Silverlight Toolbar
  20. Use File Open Dialog with Silverlight
  21. Microsoft PopFly
  22. Microsoft Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Developer Reference Poster
  23. How-to videos
  24. Silverlight Surface Demo (with simple video support)
  25. Silverlight XPS Viewer
  26. Miguel de Icaza about Silverlight, DLR and OpenSource
  27. Eyeblaster Rich Media Silverlight AD
  28. SilverNibbles - Converting a Windows Forms Game to Silverlight
  29. Silverlight Controls and LINQ
  30. Silverlight Games 101 (Silverlight Rocks!)
  31. DLR & IconPython at Codeplex
  32. Silverlight Pad
  33. Video support with Silverlight Fox Example
  34. AOL Social Mail Gadget
  35. Silverlight Screencasts (more than 20 videos!!)
  36. Silverlight Disco Dance Floor
  37. Silverlights Out 2.0 and older version 1.1
  38. Silverlight GardientBrush Demo
  39. Silverlight and the Compact Framework (Mix 07 demo video)
  40. Dr. Popper Silverlight Edition
  41. Bryant's Silverlight Examples
  42. Asteroids Clone
  43. Binary Clock
  44. Silverlight Scribbler
  45. Silverlight and Security (.NET Security Blog)
  46. Keyboard Input
  47. Silverlight Glass Button (from WPF Glass demo)
  48. Silverlight 1.1 Layout System and Controls Framework
  49. Full Screen Mode with Silverlight
  50. Early version of Snoop for Silverlight
  51. New York Times Reader in Silverlight (video)
  52. The basics of a Silverlight Control
  53. Convert SWF to WPF and Silverlight
  54. Test with Silverlight/CoreCLR (TestDriven.NET)
  55. Fantasy Baseball
  56. Using Playlists in Silverlight
  57. Silverlight Pad to Test XAML Content
  58. Animation Using Keyframes and Splines
  59. Handling Runtime Error Messages in IE and Mozilla
  60. Downloading Fonts Using the Downloader Object
  61. Converting a WPF/E Application to a Silverlight Scripting Application
  62. VB on Silverlight
  63. Great Silverlight Introduction for JavaScript Developers
  64. Silverlight C# 3.0 Features


Blogs about Silverlight (unsorted order)

  1. Scott Guthrie
  2. Jim Hugunin
  3. Mike Harsh
  4. Brad Abrams
  5. SqlXml Blogs tagged with Silverlight
  6. Tim Sneath
  7. Wyn Apse
  8. Bryant Likes
  9. Lutz Roeder
  10. Ernie Booth
  11. Web.Next
  12. Chad Campbell (.NET 3.0 Cornucopia)
  13. Shawn Wildermuth
  14. theWPFblog
  15. David Anson
  16. Jeff Prosise
  17. IronPython
  18. Barak's Blog
  19. Windows Vista blog tagged with Silverlight
  20. My own blog ;)
  21. ExplosiveDog
  22. Ashish Shetty
  23. Public Sector Developer
  24. Nick Kramer
  25. Robert Unoki
  26. MVPs posts
  27. Jesse Ezell Blog
  28. Decintelligence
  29. Alexander Strauss
  30. BCL Team Blog
  31. John Lam
  32. Andrew's Silverlight Blog
  33. Danny Thorpe
  34. Adventures with WPF
  35. Google Group about Silverlight

Updated: 5./7. June 07

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