New version of AJAX Wrapper for .NET

A new version of the AJAX Wrapper DLL is available online for free at For demonstration I have added a new sample (including source code of sample project) that will show how to use the AJAX Wrapper DLL in you projects:

Now, the AJAX Wrapper DLL is working with VB.NET, C# and any other .NET language. Firefox, Mozilla and Internet Explorer are supporting XmlHttp request, and there is no need to adapt Javascript code.

You can now use bool, int, string, xml and your own classes as return value. If you return your own class you will be able to use it directly as a real object. In the sample take a look at the AuthenticationInfo class.

function authenticate()
  Authenticate(user, pwd, authenticate_callback, authenticate_error);

function authenticate_callback(res)
  alert("Hello " + res.Username);
function authenticate_error(xmlhttp)
  alert("HTTP Status: " + xmlhttp.status);

On the client side you can use callbacks to allow asynchron calls to the webserver. A second callback will be called if an error occured.

For more details on AJAX:


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