Puzzlepart Product Boxing Rocks

I had a few main drivers for starting the Puzzlepart project in the first place. First; working with great people, secondly having fun at work following the team principles.Third; always challenge with new ways of work.

One of the main concepts that has evolved in our team is the concept of "tangible". Anything and everything HAS to be tangible and touchable and we thrive for this in everything that we do. The past two days of workshopping is a great example of this. Andreas had experienced good results from doing "product boxing" in TANDBERG and we decided to try it out for ourselves.Basically the team has to create a prototype of the off-the-shelve box for whatever product we intend to release.

Now we've done it and our portfolio of Enterprise 2.0 Microsoft SharePoint 2010 product boxes are standing in front of us on the mantlepiece (or on the patio as in this picture):

Product boxes

Closing up shop after two days of intense discussions we've concluded that another asset is added to our team culture: Boxing rocks!


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