Efficient Workflow Architectures at Software 2010 in Oslo

Tomorrow I'm doing a session at the Software 2010 conference arranged by Den Norske Dataforening (DND) in Oslo.

The topic is on realizing the potential of an efficient workflow architecture with todays enterprise software tools & technologies. A lot of the content and reflections are based on my previous job as a consultant working with enterprise software solutions and solution architectures based on the Microsoft Platform. It's also largely inspired by one of last years meetings in IASA Norway which adressed the subject of workflow architectures.

(If you're interested in software architecture, please join us for a meeting at IASA Oslo!)

Today I'm also doing some consultancy, but my main focus is on Puzzlepart (launch of new website is imminent:-)) and the daunting task of creating a new generation business applications for Microsoft SharePoint, bringing the Enterprise 2.0 vision even closer for businesses making a bet on the Microsoft technology stack.

In this context we really need to think about how our software products, that will plug into the SharePoint enterprise platform, can play nice with the rest of the enterprise ecosystem, and stimulate to things like Efficient Workflow Architectures.

In my talk tomorrow I'll show how SOA'ish architectures on the Web have lead to sites such as programmableweb.com which provides everyone with a service catalog that can be consumed and mashed up for any sane and insane purpose.

These concepts are now brought into the Enterprise world, and my hypothesis is that if you are able to provide an enterprise architecture that mimics the attributes of public services, then you'll be able to apply current workflow tools and technologies to realize a massive value for your business.I'll also provide the audience with some general introductions to workflow concepts and gotchas, and round up by trying to provide some tools for measuring the ROI of an investment in achieving a true "Business Mashup" with workflow support (and reaching BPO / BPM nirvana:))

Hopefully I will convince some of the audience about this tomorrow, and at the least I'm looking forward to engaging in interesting discussions with the community at Software 2010.

My presentation is available (in Norwegian) here. If you're after the appendix or speakers notes please get in touch with me and I'll supply you with the PowerPoint deck.

If you need to get in touch with me don't hesitate to use the contact form here on my blog, or contact me through my LinkedIn Profile.

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