VisualBlogger Beta 3 Shot

So Robert posted a new screenshot of VisualBlogger Beta 3, and asked for our feedback. Here it comes...

  • The UI looks too much like an integrated Office app & VS.NET.
  • I HATE the post options on the right. This is supposed to be user friendly, and the property grid is not the way to go. Look at how MS implements some of its wizards in the side menu, and go the route of that.
  • It's starting to look more professional, however as I see it now, its getting further and further away from that VS.NET integration he so promised a long time ago. I'd assume you would loose a lot of what you have if docked in VS.NET, then we're back to square 1 of not having a user friendly UI.
  • Ditch the "Settings/Configure Blogs/Submit" menu, it should be available through the main menu. It really looks out of place now. However, I'd have a Outlook type "Send" button somewhere with the "New/Open/Save" menu.

So, in retrospective, I've always said that VisualBlogger was 1 step behind everything else, well it still is, but its catching up quick. As soon as I can quickly format code in BlogJet (direcly), I'll never use anything else.


  • Thanks for the feedback Matt.

    In regards to the Post Options, that's just one method I'm considering. Gonna prototype a few more and see what works better.

    In regards to the professional look, I'm glad you think it's getting there. What you're looking at is the first prototypes of a non VS-docked UI. The old form is still there, but that's only for "compact" mode when run in VS. When I get the codebase a bit more stable, I'll start working on the add-in, and you'll see why the old form seemed unusable from a standalone perspective.

    The Settings etc. menu will be going away in expanded mode. I still have to figure out the most usable way to submit posts, because of the MDI format. "Send/Receive" won't work in this case. At this point, I basically just copied and pasted the old menus in to get something working.

    Thanks again for the feedback. I might post more screenies tonight after I get some more work done.

    Oh yeah, and naver say never. If you think that the only thing we're gonna do with code is make it pretty, you've got another thing coming.

  • Matt,

    The new version is out. You might wanna check it out.

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