Expression Web and the annoying span lang

This has been annoying me for a while so now I found the trick let me share this :
I have Vista en-US, my keyboard is en-CA and Expression Web in english. Each time I write some text in an html page I get a <span lang="en-ca">...</span> inserted.

Result: my pages are full of silly <span lang="en-ca">, and they are twice the size they should be!

Any "Auto insert language span" checkbox ??
No, that would be too easy!

Here is what I found from a FrontPage MVP:

"To keep the <span lang="en-XX"> from being inserted into your html code.

1. Tools > Page Editor Options > General Tab > in the spelling section set "Default Page Language" to English.
2. Set "Default Fonts" to Unicode or US/Western European (ISO) though I suppose (Windows) would work as well but might not work so well for people not using Windows based computers.
3. Site Settings > Language set to match 2 above.
4. Check Ignore the keyboard when deciding the encoding of new pages checked.

All three were required in most cases though some people had better luck
with 1-3 and 4 unchecked. Why the variation on 4 I do not know. It also
seems to stick better if under Site Settings > General use meta data is also

Feel free to try this but for me nothing changed, I tried all settings of combination but still have these f*cking span inserted each time I type any text in a page.

Finally here is what I found to Kill this bullshit span auto insert feature:
Go to Tools / Page Editor Options / CSS and check "Manual Style Application".


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