Can't Like a Page? Seriously??

We've previously talked about programmatically liking a post.  But I recently tried to like a page, and was presented with this lovely response - "(OAuthException) (#3) App must be on whitelist":

 Page Like Error


Apparently, you can't like a page via Graph API (or a bug?).  You can like a post, but not a page.  Very weak!  So we're stuck using Facebook's Like Button plug-in (until someone gives me a better idea). 


  • This is probably per design - there has never been a way to make some one a fan of your page through code.

    Or you are just trying to "like" a URL? I think the problem may be semantic - I think you want some one to create a "like" wall post based on a URL, rather than "like" aka fan a brand page.

  • Yeah, wall posts are not a problem. It's the liking of a profile page via code that seems to be the issue.

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