Animation on MSDN Web Pages? No Thanks

I may be fighting a losing battle against the Silverlight/Flash animation gurus.  The Visual Basic Developer site on MSDN is showing off a preview of its proposed redesign.

One of the “features” is a flashing, fading, distracting, and very annoying animation at the bottom of the page. To me, this is a case of “see what great things I can do” from an animator. 

Unfortunately, these moving image things set off my vertigo and I must turn away quickly.

In the debate over the redesign, one option seems to be a button to turn the motion off. I’d reverse that so that nothing moves unless I click the Play button.

I’m not sure if the VB site’s redesign is going to be adopted by MSDN in general. I certainly hope not because the content on the MSDN site is far too important to be overpowered by flashy design.

Perhaps someone has a browser plug-in that can disable the Flash and Silverlight controls on a page/site basis?



  • If anything the animation is a minor concern. Granted it's a pain, but the bigger problem is the advertising.

    If this is a site that is supposed to enable developers, don't advertise 3rd party apps to/at them, give them the info they need, don't distract them.

  • That animation is particularly not useful because you can't read it in the time it sits between changes.

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