Come hear me blather on the Herding Code podcast

In an effort to plumb the outermost depths of blogging lameness, I'm writing today to announce my participation in a podcast about software development. Why is that lame? Because the podcast started over two months ago. Yes, that's right, I can't even be bothered to pimp my own stuff. Like I said, lame.

The podcast consists of Jon Galloway, Scott Koon (aka Lazycoder), K Scott Allen (aka OdeToCode), and little old me talking roundtable style about whatever software development related topic tickles our fancy that week. Come on over and give us a listen.

I want to give a shoutout to my wife Kathi for coming up with the name. We'd toyed around with several other names, most of them profoundly lame. We were about to pull the trigger on the least lame name (which was still pretty lame) when she rode in on her white horse and saved us from ourselves by coming up with Herding Code (and 3 others which were all better than any of our options, but HC was a clear winner). If you need a kick-ass web designer, look her up. No, she didn't design the Herding Code web site...she's too busy doing real work.



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