SmallScript is dead! Long live SmallScript!

 In a previous post, Before it becomes famous, I posted about S#, or SmallScript, a SmallTalk variant that was being designed that was supposed to have a version that might have worked on .NET.  Now, it seems that project has pretty much died out.  David Simmons, the main figure behind S#, now works for Microsoft.  His role there does not seem to allow much priority for S#. Here is S# - Smalltalk :: The Next Generation, an interview with him that explains his current assignment.  In that article, he projected a date for the next release of S# as "out in the fall," but that was in 2006.

 So, I'm not seeing or hearing much,if anything, going on in the S# or SmallScript worlds.  My conclusion is that it appears the project is dead.  I still have hope that someone will develop a decent SmallTalk implementation for .NET.  If you see one, please let me know!


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  • it's "Smalltalk", not "SmallTalk".

    Regardless, I'm sorry but not surprised that Smallscript/S# is on the back burner. Simmons' previous Smalltalk products were vastly superior in some ways to VW, but never got marketed very aggressively. Seems to be a disconnect between engineering and productization. Or something.

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