VSS 2005 Internet install a steaming pile of crap

Wow, who signed off on this complete piece of crap? Seriously, if you Google for "sourcesafe 2005 internet" you'll see just how many hoops people had to jump through to get the damn thign working.

I haven't actually tried it myself, but it shouldn't be any harder than pointing a new Web site in IIS to the directory where the ASP.NET app resides. Why the hell is it so hard to get it setup.

I haven't even tried to connect to it via Visual Studio. Can't wait to see how that goes.


  • It is my honest opinion that Microsoft has lost the source code for SourceSafe, it is so horribly broken it is not even funny anymore.

    The only changes they have made in the last (10?) years is changing some icons and other minor modifications that you can do with a resource editor and some hardcore binary hacking.

    I have told this theory to several people and so far everyone thinks my theory sounds plausible.

    Have you ever tried to generate a 'report' from a history? Unbelievable, who signed that off should be shot, I volunteer.

  • There actually where some changes for 2005. However, I think even they realised what has become of the product since they introduced a completely new one in the team system version. Too bad it's only available there.

  • Don't get your hopes up on Team System. We've been using it on our project and it's another steaming pile. I can't tell you how many changes have been lost because the system claims to check it in, but doesn't. Then when get latest is called, it overwrites the changes with the old version. On top of that, some devs can't get latest without choosing to get specific version and overwrite; even then, it doesn't always get every file.

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