Return of SmartPart v1.3 for SharePoint 2007 Released!

Yesterday evening I've uploaded a new version of the SmartPart to the CodePlex site. For those of you who don't know the SmartPart: it's a generic web part wrapper for SharePoint 2007 which can host any ASP.NET Web User Controls. So basically you can build web parts by using the Visual Studio designers instead of having to write all the code by hand. The new version includes a setup wizard for easy installation, localization support for ASP.NET AJAX controls and some minor bug fixes. It's not a beta version anymore and there is a 64 bit version available as well. On top of that I've included a bunch of sample controls to get you started (both normal controls and ASP.NET AJAX controls). There is even a short (only 2 minutes) screencast that shows you how easy it is to install the Return of the SmartPart v1.3 by using the new wizard. Get the 1.3 release from here:

In the next days/week I'll be uploading more samples and templates to the CodePlex site.


  • Hey Jan,

    Top work on the SmartPart I've found it really handy in some of our more complex MOSS builds to date.

    Do you have any advice on the best way to migrate from the 1.2 beta to 1.3 if a site is already using the SmartPart?

  • Aaron, the new version should be compatible with the old one. You can remove the old one and install the new one. BUT you have to add all smartpart instances again to the pages (and configure them). If you don't want to do that, you can use assembly redirection in the web.config.

  • Why when I change the default MasterPage of my website , the smartpart ajax end to work ?

  • Giuseppe, can you explain your issue a little bit more?

  • Hi Jan,
    very simple, when I change the masterpage in site settings > masterpage, the ajax controls end to work, this seem to don't call the server.


  • @Guiseppe. Usually when AJAX controls don't work it is because of a missing ScriptManager control. This control manages some essential ASP.Net AJAX stuff and if it isn't present your AJAX controls won't work. Maybe your master page doesn't have a reference to the ScriptManager?

  • @Leon. Do you mean we have to add script manager to the master page ? why if in the default master page of sharepoint 2007 there is not script manager ? the instance of the scriptmanager is alrteady inside the webusercontrol.


  • Does this work only in MOOS 2007 environment or also in a machine that has only WSS 3.0 intalled?


  • @astatke: yes it works with wss 3.0

  • Great web part Jan - makes life much easier. however I have run in to a couple of issues whcih I would appreciate some help with.

    1. Validation controls in the web user control stop the page from saving when in edit mode. I guess this is because of the javascript generated by the validation controls but how to work around it? If it was a plain .aspx page an edit mode panel would do the trick but I can't figure out how to use this with the SmartPart.

    2. I can't load the web part in SharePoint designer - error rendering control. Absolutly fine adding to a publishing page web part zone.

    Any thoughts?

    Many thanks,

  • @Lucy, You must put the controls in a Validation Group so they won't be validated when other controls are triggered.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for this control. I'm still using Sharepoint 2003. Is your webpart compatible with this version? Is your installer wizard too?

    Thanks in advance

  • @Laurent, no this is only for SharePoint 2007. But on the CodePlex site you can download a version for SharePoint 2003 as well.

  • Hi Jan,

    I'm having problems with enabling Smartpart with ajax in my sharepoint site, I've followed your instructions in configuring web.config to enable Smartpart with Ajax but when I tried to add a the smartpart with ajax I get the following error.

    Smartpart with Ajax: A Web Part or Web Form control on this page could not be displayed or imported. The type is not registered as safe.


  • When using the smartpart with a Control using ADO it states the control cannot use windows integreted authentication to the SQL Server. Is there a way to correct this so that the users credentials are used to access the DataBase? This is for reading data only no edits or writes are performed. Please resond here and e-mail me at

  • I am developing WSS 3.0 Application by using smartpart 1.3 version
    How do i debug ... can u explain...

    Return of SmartPart 1.3

  • Hi

    I've a requirement to develop an application (normal ASP.Net) with workflow ( I'm thinking of creating Tasks) which the user wants to access from sharepoint.

    I'm wondering if I do develop using SharePoint, SmartPart, and web pages as user control what will be the pitfalls of taking this route.

    Appreciate any comments


  • When I add an User Control as a web part, the "Welcome " from the top right corner in SharePoint page is jumping out of page and goes to the top left corner... somebody said that it's related to an AJAX control on that page and I do have some AJAX controls there. Could anybody answer to my problem?



  • Jan,

    Really appreciate the work you're doing. I'm new to SharePoint dev, installed SmartPart 1.3, your demo controls work fine. Built a simple ascx in vb, copied the ascx to UserControls. When I attempt to load it into SmartPart, get:

    Error: unable to load ~\/UserControls\daTest1.ascx
    Details: Could not load type 'WebApplication2.daTest1'.

    Any suggestions?



  • altfeder

    Details: Could not load type 'WebApplication2.daTest1'.

    you can fix this error by chenging the codebehind= in the ascx control to codefile=

    this worked for me

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