• Just tried them on my testmachine (Virtual PC). Be carefull, they install right away! No setup menu or anything, just two klicks and off it goes..

    I'm searching for readme's but no succes until so far.

  • So just bug fixes? I was hoping it'd be along the lines of the InfoPath SP, some new things to play with. Any word on the next update that'll have new and\or improved features?

  • I installed these yesterday, you need to install the WSS one first, then SPS. Like Peter said, it's quick with no menus or associated documentation. The WSS install went OK, but the SPS one killed my portal. Other than the home page, all other links were broken. I'm going back for a second try today.

  • On the surface, it doesn't appear that the discussion list sort order issue, ie., being able to modify the threaded view to have threads sorted by most recent date at top of list, has been included in this sp.

  • I just installed it on my VMWare testingserver. It worked fine there. Both WSS en SPS Service packs installed without a problem.

    Didn't test de bug fixes yet.

  • The KB articles are on-line now. I have the links to them in the WSS FAQ sites.

  • The installation on my developmentmachine went pretty well, but just like David pointed out SP1 is messing up links... Some of the action links like 'Alert Me' or 'Add Listing' have been replaced by strange notifications like '<PRE>{0}</PRE>' & 'An error occurred while creating a new section.'

    Anyone noticed the same behaviour after installing SP1??

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