How-to: Display Contents of a SharePoint List From Another Site

Some people are wondering if it’s possible to display the contents of a SharePoint list that resides on another SharePoint site. Yes this is possible, even better: I’ll show you how to accomplish this! Suppose you have a SharePoint Task list on your root site that contains some tasks. You also have a sub site on which you want to display the contents of the Task list of the root site. First of all you need to create the Task list on the root site of course.

Next create the sub site, if you haven’t create it yet. We’re going to use FrontPage 2003 to accomplish our task, so fire up FronPage 2003 and open the sub site. We want to display the tasks on the start page of that site, so open default.aspx as well. From the Data menu choose the “Insert Data View…” menu item. In the Data Source Catalog task pane you’ll see a list of available data sources on the current site (Sub Site), of course the tasks are not in that list. On the bottom of the task pane, click “Manage catalog…”, a new window is displayed in which we can enter additional data sources. Click the Add button and enter the url of the root site as location, and choose a description for this data source. Close the window by clicking the OK button. Now you can use the task pane to browse to the data sources located on the root site!

Finishing off is very easy: drag and drop the task list from the Data Source Catalog to the web part zone, that’s it. If you want to you can alter the view (e.g. add or remove some columns), when you’re done don’t forget to save the page. The result is that you have a nice formatted web part that shows the tasks from a list on another site:

As you can see data sources are very powerful in FrontPage 2003 and SharePoint. This time we've used a SharePoint list as a data source, but you can use several other types of datasources for example web services. Don't underestimate the power of FrontPage 2003! :-)


  • I blogged about the steps necessary, but a picture is worth a thousand words! Thanks.

  • Thanks for the link Sig!

  • Can you explain a little bit more Ian? I think that you still need a username/pw to be able to use content from another site. Unless ofcourse you've enabled anonymous access.

  • Jan, can I start adding links in the Non-MS Articles section of the WSS FAQ to this kind of article from you?

    (Not quoting - simply giving a title and a link to this blog page + I suspect your own "Category").

  • Mike of course you can! I'd be honoured! :-)

  • >Mike of course you can! I'd be honoured! :-)

    Thanks Jan. I'll check through a couple of your previous ones too (if you're still honoured that is :) ).

  • What about using a column from another list not with the same site as a lookup column in a local list; now that would be very useful. I am sure it's possible.

  • Thank you Jan.

    I am wondering if I can display that list as a web part, so I can sort, filter or even modify the data (which should affect the source list on the root site).

  • I don't think that will be possible. Unless you write your own webpart.

  • I have worked on this problem for two days now. Hoping you can enlighten me.

    This works fine on most lists.... however I have a situation where I have alot of lists that use lookups.

    I can't get any of them to work that have a lookup field in them. I get a "dataviewwebpart" seems to be causing a problem error.

    The thing is... it DOES display the data when viewing it from FP... even in preview mode. But not in browser.

  • Stan, you're having a strange problem... Are you using the same account to view your page through the browser and through FrontPage?

  • Yes. However, this is intended to be a public page... with anon access.

  • Maybe someone from the newsgroups can help you out...

  • Will Check there... thanks for your contributions to the Sharepoint Community.

    btw... I think I may be trying to use Sharepoint beyond it's intended scope on the particular project anyway.

    thanks again...

  • Wondering if anyone had the soltuion for John's post - "What about using a column from another list not with the same site as a lookup column in a local list"

    trying to setup a list on my main site (which has restricted access) and then use this list in a lookup column on 2 subsites

  • Yes, here I go again, chiming in late.

    Is it possible that the lists your lookup columning into do not allow anonymous access?

    Just a thought...

  • I'm having a similar issue that Stan is above, except I am definitely using the same account to in both FrontPage and via the web browser, where the page will give the error the "list does not exist." In FrontPage everything looks great and works fine.

    Possible ideas on what could be causing the problem -- 1) i have lookup columns in the document library i am setting up the dataview for, 2) the sub-site I am querying does not inherit the permissions from the parent site, though all applicable users have access to both sites, 3)... I can't think of anything else. Anyone with ideas, could you please email me at Thanks so much.

  • Great! thanks for your shares

  • Is it possible to combine multiple lists with the same fields into ONE single Data View?

    I want all my clients to log into a SharePoint Site, go to the list I assigned for their company and enter in a work order.

    I wonder if there is a way to view the data in all these lists in one view. I know you can query it within MS Access, but I don't want to go that route.

  • I was wondering how to limit the amount of records shown, to possible the most recent, or the last id, ive tried using the filter, but there is no obvious way to do this.

  • What about within an area-subarea relationship. Will this work as well?

  • This is great. Can you make the data view dynamic (link to detail views). For example, if I had a data view on my subpage of an Event List on the portal root, can I link to the event detail pages? How about applying specific filter criteria to the data view?

  • Is it possible to make an composite list, out of mutilple lists? Were the multiple lists are imported on a site just as Jan explaned above?

  • Hi Jan,

    great article, but I am wondering is it possible to do same thing but directly from SP administration?

    What I actualy need, is to create lookup field on list whish is on my root site.


  • Hi,

    I am not a developer and new to Sharepoint - I want to create a calculated column that referenced a column in another list on the same site - e.g. My new list will display one line that counts all the lines in the other list that has a certain column set to "Yes"

    is this possible - I will appreciate it if someone can come back to me with some suggestions. email

  • How can you assign a task to a group of people? We would like to be able to email the group when the task is assigned. We tried site groups but it will still only let you choose one person from that group.

  • Great article. It brought me a step closer to solving my problem but unfortunately not close enough.

    I managed to import the list I want from the page to the subpage in the data source library. However, clicking and dragging causes an unpleasant "server returned a non-specific error".

    where does the madness end? I've been trying to use roll-ups and god knows what else for a functionality that I presumed should be intrinsic to sharepoint. When we create a list i thought the subpages should be able to use the data in it as well :(

  • mmm.. nice design, I must say..

  • Hello,

    I can see this works for tasks and other simple lists. But how would it work for calendars. Within our company everybody has their own calendar in outlook, they work on multiple projects. We would like one big calendar merging calendar data from exchange and display it on each project page filtered for that project. would that work the same way????

  • This worked great until my company upgraded to SharePoint 3.0. While the pages still work and survived the upgrade process, 3.0 requires the use of SharePoint designer which refuses to open up any pages where I used the above methods. Any ideas on how to duplicate this functionality in 3.0?

  • I did the above steps and it works great. I was wondering if it is possible to add 2 more columns to the displayed list in the subsite and those columns need not reflect in the list at the root site.?.

  • Lucy! Please call me,Lucy! Please call me

  • Lucy! Please call me,Lucy! Please call me

  • Hi
    Thanks for very useful information.
    I've seen many queries about this, but don't seem to find an answer: is it possible to query a list in a sharepoint sub-site from a list in the root site? I'm trying to create one view of staff information that is currently stored in different sites. I'm using MOSS 2007.

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