I am an "LOL" MVP for MSN Messenger! - and other graphics fun

UPDATE: Based on comments I've added a few more images if anyone wants to use them - thanks for the feedback!

I was talking with Alex Papadimoulis on IM tonight and we somehow got on the topic of how (...hmmm...I know this is a sensitive subject so I'll try to be nice here) certain MVP's sometimes give out less than "great" answers on various newsgroups and forums. Now, I know at least a dozen MVP's personally so this is in no way an attack on them - just some attempt at humor. Please, nobody take themselves too seriously with this one.

Anyway - I told him that because of my efforts on the microsoft.public.msn.leetspeak group and through my efforts to bring 13375p34k to the masses, Microsoft recognized me by awarding me with the "LOL" MVP for MSN Messenger designation. All that time spent ROFLing, WTFing, A/S/Ling and OMGHI2Uing has finally paid off. Since I had IconWorkshop and Photoshop fired up at the moment I decided to make myself a little logo real quick. So, there you have it:

I'm going to leave this up my blog links under "flair" (Office Space reference). For all the other non-MVP's - feel free to steal it and use it on your blog, too. For Alex, he was awarded MVP for MS Paintbrush - so I made him a logo too:


If you'd like me to make you an MVP Logo for your blog (instead of using one of these) let me know and I'll see what I can do!


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