The Best Airline Experience ever - Thanks to .NET !

Today I made my way to Las Vegas for the Microsoft MIX conference (reports on the the conference later in the week) and I just had to blog on my Check-In experience with JetBlue.  I do alot of flying, both internationally and within the US, but I had never flown JetBlue .  Ordering my ticket was easy, and saved me almost 50% over the cost with Delta or American.   But what really blew me away was the Check-In at JFK airport - it was absolutely amazing !! Simple and fast - I have never experienced such a a quick and pleasant check-in experience. Ever. 

I can only assume that it is because JetBlue's I infrastructure is built on Microsoft and .NET technologies :-).   You can search for some of the many JetBlue MS/.NET case studies on the web.  I actually know first-hand what a .NET earl adopter JetBlue is because I remember attending a special .NET (Beta) developer lab In Redmond, and there were several JetBlue developers in attendence.


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