My favourite SQL Server 3rd Party Tools


                   There are some great 3rd party tools that makes the development of SQL Server faster, easier, smarter and enjoyable. In this small blog post I would like to point some good 3rd party SQL Server tools which help me a lot during application development.




        SQL Complete:


                    dbForge's SQL Complete is one of my favorite tool. It is an add-on of SQL Server. It has a free and paid version. It simplify and accelerate your work by predicting keywords and object names. It has a great intellisense. Also, it support SQL formatter, statement expansion, SQL snippets, code navigation and much more. You can find more about SQL complete at 


        SQL Search:


                    Red Gate's SQL Search is another very helpful tool. SQL Search quickly find fragments of SQL text within stored procedures, functions, views and more. It's completly free. It also allows you to quickly navigate to different objects. It makes the search easier and increase your development efficiency.  You can find more at  



         SQL Sentry Plan Explorer:


                    If you are performance guy then you must have SQL Sentry Plan Explorer. It makes the query plan analysis very efficient. It is very lightweight and standalone. It's color coding highlights the potential trouble areas. It allows deeper analysis. It also have free and paid version.  You can find more at



         SQL Toolbelt:


                    SQL Toolbelt include sixteen essential and excellent tools for SQL Server. It include a powerful set of tools. For example, SQL Compare which compare and sync the database schema. You can find more at



                    In this article, I showed you some very essential and most important SQL SERVER 3rd party tools that I use in my daily application develoment. Hopefully you enjoyed my this article too.

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  • Thanks! SQL Complete is a great and free tool! By the way as I have understood they have a very useful set of tools for SQL development and management in one IDE - dbForge Studio for SQL Server ( I downloaded free trial and like it very much!

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