use HttpFiddler with ASP.NET development Server and IE7

HttpFiddler is a free HTTP debugging proxy and essential for daily developers work. It works as a proxy and change this settings in IE7 to forward request to fiddler. IE7 does not forward calls made to url contains localhost.

Workaround: make the call to the machine name in IE7. Fix the port in the setting of the Web projekt to a dedicated like 1000. So the call is now http://name:10000/....

The ASP.NET development server does only accept requests to localhost (hardcoded). So add a rule to fiddler which change the name like:

if ("name:10000"){"";

this snippet must be placed in function: OnBeforeRequest


  • Cyril's "dot" trick does not work since the developpement server will refuse any connections to anything other than the exact localhost syntax. (ie. localhost:1234)

    An easier approch would be to use this rule in "OnBeforeRequest": ="everslo","");

    That way, you dont have to hardcode the port or change project settings

  • And how does that mean? I do not understand anything.

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