Webcast: Brief introduction to Windows Identity Foundation


This is my first webcast on Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) and it will give you brief overview of this technology. I will tell you about how I found WIF, what is claims-based authentication, what tools are available and how you can use WIF in your systems. This is no-code overview and you can expect demos and code from my next WIF webcasts.

NB! This is my first webcast I have ever made so please forgive me if it is not as professional as you may expect. I hope you will still enjoy it :)

If you cannot see video then click here: Windows Identity Foundation - Part I: Introduction


I would really appreciate if you give me feedback about this webcast. All feedback – positive or negative – is very welcome as I really want to improve my skills on making great webcasts. Feel free to leave me your feedback here as comments of this post.


Here you can find resources related to my Windows Identity Foundation series.

powerpoint_32x32 Presentation slides
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  • First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the first webcast. The topic was pretty interesting!

    I would like to say that I like the way you speak since its clear and can be easily understood by anyone.

    The presentation was interesting, including appropriate chrats and enough information so that the one who watch can easily follow you without stopping the video (which is the case when too much information is on one slide and the speaker speakrs quite fast).

    Also, since these are your first webcasts, I think you should make them bit shorter... about 10 - 15 mins. Yes, maybe the topic was huge, but splitting into two videos won't hurt ;)!

    Once again congrats and I'm looking forward very soon to see more webcasts from you!

  • Congrats!
    Really simple explaining! Loved the presentation :)

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