Load Testing your WCF Service in Two Clicks

A few months back I was talking to a VP of Architecture from one of our customers about service testing practices and he expressed a very blunt viewpoint about load testing: “Developers don’t load test their web services because it's to F…. difficult”.

Hearing this from a very experienced architect who has led some impressive SOA implementations might appear shocking as first but we have to recognize that there is a lot of truth in that statement. However, I don’t believe that the complexity has anything to do with load testing itself. In my opinion, this perception is a consequence of the ridiculous complexity of the web service load testing tools in the market.

In our recently released SO-Aware Test Workbench product, we literally obsessed about the user experience to the point that  WE ENABLED THE CREATION AND EXECUTION OF A LOAD TEST IN TWO CLICKS!

That’s right! In order to create a load test with the SO-Aware Test Workbench you can start by selecting the load profile you would like to execute for your test as illustrated in the following figure (that’s going to cost you one click :) ).

After configuring the parameters of your test, you will have to use a second click (sorry) to run the test itself as highlighted in the following figure.

At that point, you can see the real time behavior of your service based the load test profile.

If you want to share the results of your tests with your colleagues, you can easily export the load test results to .pdf or excel as illustrated below. Unfortunately, this activity might require a couple of extra clicks :)

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  • Hello,

    The first thing I noticed about the application, and what REALLY confused me is the lack of a help file through the menu. Then the fact that I thought the service ref that was in your face (Current repository) was in fact the ref that was being load tested. I would move that the the configuration or options dialog and get if off the main screen. I still haven't found a way to create a new project and load test it.


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