Xaml Viewer for Whidbey

At this time I suppose you know about the CTP for Avalon but may be you didn't install it yet. I have installed the CTP without problems, my installation order was:

- Whidbey beta 1 (this install framework 2.0 beta)

- Windows SP 2 ( because it is required by the CTP)

- Avalon CTP

After install you should go to Chris Anderson blog and check for cool samples.

Chris Anderson point to a tool XamlPad in order to edit and test xaml, I really like it but obviously I'm a VS man so I wanna edit my xaml files in VS (with intellisense, syntax error check, etc the XML editor in VS is really cool) and more I wanna have a viewer for my xaml file in VS.

So I started developing a Xaml Viewer for VS, it is an interesting sample because I had to use XAML controls in Windows Forms, use VSIP for Whidbey, automation, etc. I gotta post something about this later.

Now I gotta post just my first night of work ;)


- Right click in xaml files to call to the viewer.

- Switch from viewer to associated file

- Show errors in output window and task list, so you can go to the line with double click.

- Call the viewer directly from View\Other Windows\Xaml Viewer

- Text to Xaml, sometimes I need to transform just a text fragment, so you can paste the text in the text view and refresh the viewer in order to see the result.

Here some screen shots:

This sample is in Chris Anderson blog



Download msi  

After install the msi run: devenv /setup in the Whidbey command prompt.

Obviously you need CTP installed in order to go.                   



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