Spider Man 2, Shrek 2 and ............ WhidbeyCommands 2 ;)

I have uploaded a new setup for the whidbeycommands (close all but this, copy full path and view file in explorer). This new setup fix some installation problems and you don´t need to run devenv /setup anymore.

Additionally I added 3 new commands in the context menu on a Project node:

  • Collapse all projects: I´m working in a solution with 36 projects then this is very useful for me
  • Open Project Folder
  • Visual Studio Prompt Here.

Download Before install the commands you have to install the Microsoft Interop Assemblies New version on http://weblogs.asp.net/gmilano/archive/2004/07/16/185619.aspx

By the way Shrek 2 is really cool !! My son loves this creature


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