Magic! Turn a CRM 2011 Managed Solution into an Unmanaged one

Not too long ago we needed to convert a managed solution into an unmanaged one, initially I tried a few things like toggling flags in the solution.xml but that didn't work so went straight to the database. Those who turned up to TechEd NZ DYN401 saw this in action, for anyone that missed out here is the session on Channel9.

Skip to 00:41:50 see how it's done.

Enjoy :)


  • Hi Gayan,

    Very cool! Can you share the script to turn a managed solution into an unmanaged solution?


  • Yes, I'd also very much like to see the script to change solutions to unmanaged, as I have a similar situation where I work in-house and former consultants left only a managed solution. If you'd be so kind, I'd appreciate it!

  • Hi

    Here is the dropbox link to the script

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