CRM 2011 Link/Publish WebResources from VS 2012

I've been working on a little Visual Studio 2012 add-in to allow Dynamics CRM 2011 developers to link & publish web resources directly from the IDE. It's been awhile since VS2012's release, CRM E2 team has yet to release a supported version of the developer toolkit. I posted a workaround few months ago but that only works if you have VS 2010 and 2012 installed side by side.

One of the biggest productivity killers is the inability to stay inside the VS IDE when working on CRM projects, specially when you're making changes to javascript, css, html, xml, xap etc etc it's frustrating opening IE windows to update the web resource then publish then test.

Using this VS 2012 add-in you can now right click > link/publish web resource without having to jump through IE windows...

Here's a sneak peak, I'll be releasing this very soon, if you'd like to gain early access email

Right click link/publish


  • Why don't you just use the Developer Toolkit, that allows you to deploy from the IDE

  • Hi Dave, when VS 2012 was released there was no update to the CRM SDK Dev Toolkit to support VS 2012.

    It's also too intrusive, automating builds/deployments gets complicated and annoying when the dev toolkit has to be installed on build servers.

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