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  • How to develop a casual game with Silverlight 2

    Game programming was my first love in computer science, and a couple of weeks ago I decided to give it a try with the new Silverlight 2 version available. To my surprise I could accomplish something fun with little effort, and maybe there's someone out there trying to do stuff like this, so let's go through the basics of building a casual game with silverlight 2. Our target will be to develop a mutant version of the old breakout classic. We are going to animate a paddle to prevent a ball from touching the ground while breaking bricks on top of each screen.

  • RAF 08 is over

    We spent two days in the Sheraton Pilar hotel in Buenos Aires, in the Regional Architect Forum 2008, a once in a year event that gathers "architects" from argentina, bolivia, chile, and uruguay(at least the raf south cone version does). It was my first RAF, and I was very impressed, not only by the level of the presentations, but by the networking we could do in such a short time, exchanging ideas with some of the most experienced .net guys of the region.