About Gabo's blog

Gabriel Lopez was born, and lives, in Montevideo Uruguay. He received his engineering title in computer sciences in 2004, from the school of engineering of the University of the Republic of Uruguay, where he now works as an assistant professor in the Institute of Computing. He works since 2001 in the design and development of enterprise informations systems. In the beginning based on J2EE technologies, but since 2004 based on Microsoft technologies. 

He worked as manager of the IC Labs R&D team at Infocorp, a regional Microsoft´s Gold Partner, as responsible for the development of labs, and proofs of concepts, largely based on new technologies, with the goal of adding value to Infocorp´s offerings until february 2009.

Since then he's been working on his own endeavor called Southlabs, which he co-founded along with Daniel Gómez.