Workflow + WCF + ASP.NET sample updated

Back in 2006 when Workflow foundation was still WWF (and some of us believed it was going to change the world), and all the foundations were "add ons" on top of the .NET 2.0 version of the framework I set out to build a reference help desk solution to learn the basics of the once new workflow & communication foundations, plus membership to see if I could make sense of all these technologies in one integrated sample.

The project was named Sinergia and lives in sourceforge (why sourceforge and not codeplex is the topic for another post). It turned out to be a pretty good experience, I played hosting workflow in a couple different hosts, and I finally settled for a Windows Service. It was a good excercise to learn what could be the best practices for developing, testing and deploying a workflow solution. I think it provides good guidance for anyone looking to build a workflow based, web .net solution.

I updated the project some weeks ago, to the .net 3.5 version of the framework. It's available for download here.Post PDC word is Workflow Foundation is going through some major changes, which I still have to evaluate, understand and some day maybe impact on this bits.

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