About Fredrik Normen

My name is Fredrik Normén and I’m a Swedish Solution developer and architect specialized in the .Net framework area. I have worked with Microsoft technology since 1994. Before that I was playing and programming on my Amiga. I made my first homepage during 1995-96 and every since that I have worked with web applications. I started to build Windows DNA applications in 1996-97. I have worked with .Net framework since the alpha version (august 2000). During the beta period of .Net framework 1.0 I helped Wrox Press with some technical reviewing and I'm also one of the authors of the book "Professional XML for .Net Developers (Wrox Press)" and "ASP.Net 2.0 MVP Hacks" (Wrox Press).

I'm one of the founder of Squeed, an consultant company and the site Forkcan.com