Vector Graphics System 2.2 Released

Moving and Tracking along a Shape path with

Version 2.2 of the vector graphics system is released. New features in this release include path gradients, path movement, and path tracking. Please read the Readme file in the download for more information.

The image above is the new PathMove sample. To download and run the sample, click on the image. Source code for the sample is included in the Lite download.

On the left hand side, the new PathMove method on Element moves the markers along the Polyline and Spline. PathMove also rotates the markers to match the tangent as they move. On the right hand side, we use the PathInterpolator property on Element to determine the closest point and tangent on a Spline relative to the mouse point.

The new PathGradientFill is used in several places in this sample. The markers use it to provide a translucent interior, with opaque edges. The Start/Stop button uses a path gradient to create a glowing gel button. Each large blue rounded rectangle serving as a background has a "glow" produced by a PathGradientFill. The glossy white shines at the top of each rectangle are also PathGradientFills. We will be posting more 3D tips using path gradients in later blog entries.


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