Vector Graphics in Internet Explorer in Internet Explorer

The new release of includes enhancements to simplify the hosting of animated vector graphics in Internet Explorer. You can now display animated Pictures on web pages using the default IE permissions. Here is a sample:

Push the power button to turn the animation on and off. Resize the window, and you will see the vector graphics display resize to fit. The color buttons change the overall color of all graphical components in the display:

Red vector graphics dials

This color change illustrates a powerful feature in the ability to change a single Style and affect an entire set of Picture components. How does this work? Each UI element you see here is a child Picture. The Pictures are constructed with backing Elements, ellipses or rectangles, that reference a Style called “BackColor”. Over top of those backing objects are various transparent Elements with shading in black, white, or gray. When the “BackColor” Style is modified by the top-level Picture, it affects all the child Pictures, but they retain the same relative black and white shading.

Thanks to Marc Clifton at MyXaml for hosting this demo.


  • Frank - you are the man. That is some sweet stuff. I just wish I could draw so I could take advantage of the technology...

  • We are building inexpensive "controls" for people who don't want to draw their own. The PathGradient will make some things easier.

    A secret -- I can't really draw either. :)

  • This looks really good - Is it totally programmable as a server-side control?

  • Man, do I ever wish I had this back when I was working with graphics every day! The demo is impressive - simple, yet powerful. The interface is awesome because it is right there in VS, and it is well-thought-out and comfortable to anyone that has even limited experience in vector graphics. Great job!!

    SVG has seemed to struggle without success for a couple of years to move into the mainstream, but from what I've seen in the past few months, may finally be the answer to moving vector graphics into the XML world!

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