WCAG and CLF 2.0 Compliance for SharePoint

Here's a nugget. At the May Toronto SharePoint User Group meeting I met Mike Maadarani who got me excited about his company's CLF 2.0 SharePoint Toolkit. Orangutech is based in our nation's capital and they've been working with a government department and Microsoft to help SharePoint meet CLF 2.0 and WCAG requirements. From the documentation:

The CLF 2.0 Team Site Feature will allow departments and agencies to create SharePoint team web sites [and publishing sites] that conform to the new Common Look and Feel Standards 2.0 (CLF 2.0) that conforms to the World Wide Web (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 Priority 1 and 2 checkpoints, which are collectively known as WCAG 1.0 AA.

The toolkit includes two solutions, one with Publishing Site features, the other with Team Site features. Each include both a WSP for an automatic install, and a set of files with instructions for manual deployment. The Publishing site features include the configuration of English and French variations. The actual elements provided include a List Rollup web part, compliant English and French master pages, three page layouts (1,2, and 3 column), several style sheets, and supporting image files and javascript, mainly for the compliant menus.


It looks like a good piece of work that should have wide appeal on its own or as a starting point for further customized solutions. I located a WCF CLF 2.0 slide deck on the SharePoint Community Portal but there is precious little documentation apart from the installation files and tutorial included within the download.


Congratulations to Orangutech on the toolkit's release, and thank-you from the community for sharing!


Update: I forgot to mention the Accessibility Toolkit for SharePoint published on Codeplex. Of course Mike is convinced that Orangutech's is better, I'll leave it to the Commenters to chime in.


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