Toronto SharePoint Camp 2011 - Thank-you!

The 5th Annual Toronto SharePoint Camp was last Saturday and it was another terrific success. Thanks to the TSPUG executive committee and the small army of volunteers who made it happen, and to the smiling faces of this year's 200+ attendees for making it all worthwhile.

BIG Congratulations to the recipient of our first ever Toronto SharePoint Community Champion Award: Brian Lalancette.

Brian was nominated by members of TSPUG and selected from all nominees by the TSPUG Executive for his tireless work in creating, maintaining, and shepherding the fantastic AutoSPInstaller project. You can congratulate him over Twitter with a shout-out to @brianlala, or check out his latest musings in his Lala Land blog.

Also thanks to those who came to my session on Large-scale SharePoint Architecture. This is a brand new presentation and to improve it for future audiences I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions. While I won't be sharing the sample documents shown during the session, for the first time I've posted the original deck rather than a slide-show version. This version contains all my own annotations, so even if you weren't there you will be able to read through the speaking points on each slide. As promised, the deck contains a second presentation on infrastructure considerations for large-scale deployments for those of you wanting an IT Pro / infrastructure session. Lareger-scale infrastructure is a session of its own and I'll look into scheduling it at either the Toronto or Hamilton SPUG.

My presentation deck: Large-scale SharePoint Architecture - Eli Robillard (PowerPoint deck) 


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