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I've been head-down, full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes, coding like it's 1999, interrupted only by the 5-day odyssey that was the Worst Move Ever. Every other day it seems I've had a search that returned 5 or fewer hits, so obscure problems were encountered, and solutions and more will be blogged in the weeks ahead.

What's been going on in the outside world? Plenty. There's a Windows Server 2008 / SQL 2008 / VS 2008 launch event in Toronto this Wednesday. At MSFT, Scott Guthrie was promoted from GM to Corporate VP of the .NET Developer Platform, Soma is now Senior VP of Dev Div, and here in Canada Elizabeth Caley's purview moved beyond SharePoint to cover all of Office System. Last Wednesday Robin Macrae wowed the Toronto SharePoint User Group with a session on developing an enterprise strategy with SharePoint as its core platform, and

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