Metro Toronto .Net User Group Content from Jan. 11

Thanks to Graham for inviting me to present and to everyone who came out last Thursday, I had a great time and your questions and comments were terrific!

The topic was What ASP.Net Developers Will Love about SharePoint and was delivered in two parts. The main bit was to explain exactly what SharePoint is, to clarify the differences between WSS and MOSS, and to dive into how SharePoint and ASP.Net 2.0 relate. Then we got into the demos and a section that originated with David Gristwood at TechEd Europe. We didn't go all the way through that section because it gets away from ASP.Net and the message I was trying to get across (i.e. how ASP.Net development gets you a head start on SharePoint), it contains a fair bit of marketing, and you can watch it online anytime. If you would like to see more about Excel Forms Services, Forms Server, and Workflow, it's well-done and linked below. One topic it covers that deserves a whole session on its own is the Business Data Catalog. Look for this as a topic at an upcoming Toronto SharePoint User Group meeting.

Powerpoint: What Developers will Love about SharePoint 2007 (Download) (Right-click and select Save As)

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