Toronto SharePoint User Group Meets Tonight. Topic: Workflow.

After three and a half days fishing the Catskills I'm back, relaxed, and slowly shifting back up through the gears. Sometimes I forget the vacation days too fast, but I have a great bit of sunburn to remind me of the weekend for a while longer.

Tonight's user group meeting will be a fun one, Tim Knechtel will be showing some great workflow integration with SharePoint. K2.NET in action is a really, really neat thing to watch. Let's say you have a content development process that involves can involve multiple iterations through an approval cycle, with different people doing the approval depending on what needs to be done at each stage, and maybe you need to create records in a db at the end of it using XML data entered in an ASP.NET or InfoPath form back at stage one. Well, using K2 this sort of thing can be functional in a few hours or faster, and you get process-flow debugging and complete auditing of the cycles as they happen. Tonight, Tim's going to build up something up from scratch and I guarantee you will see a dozen ways to use it right off the bat. Neat stuff. And, as per usual we'll have fabulous prizes and a square meal. See you there!


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