Eli Robillard: SharePoint Practice Lead, Eidenai Innovations

I'm pleased to announce that I've started into a new role as SharePoint Practice Lead with a company called Eidenai Innovations. Eidenai is a Microsoft Certified Gold, Managed, and Integration Partner and in 2003 became Microsoft Canada's #2 subcontracted development partner. The team here is absolutely first class. Right back to our initial meetings it was clear that this is a company with strong vision and unmatched skills, and it's an honour to be in their ranks.

My role in a broad sense is to lead the Enterprise Knowledge Management practice with a focus on SharePoint Products and Technologies (SPT). Integration is a key theme of SPT, and much of my work at Eidenai will be to architect, implement and refine best practices for SharePoint not just as a product in itself, but as a single interface for people to access and collaborate on knowledge anywhere in the enterprise. It's an interesting, challenging road ahead and an ideal place to continue the arc I've taken over the past 20 years. Here's to it.

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