MSDN Magazine: SharePoint Recycle Bin

The Windows Recycle Bin is a popular feature and saves the average help desk a lot of repetitive work. Unfortunately, SharePoint 2003 lacks the feature and SharePoint admins either need to turn to third-party tools or develop convoluted database recovery routines "just in case." Heck, even SharePoint 2001 has a downloadable undelete web part), why not us?

This month's MSDN Magazine comes to the rescue with an article on creating your own Recycle Bin for WSS:

In this article, we'll take advantage of the extensibility of WSS and both its server-side and client-side object models to build a restore feature that works like the Recycle Bin in Windows Explorer. We'll examine WSS document library server-side events and will develop a .NET event handler class for asynchronous server-side processing of those events. In the end, you'll have a working recycle bin for document libraries. Additionally, the lessons learned will help you write your own custom workflow applications based on the WSS document library event model.

[Download the Code]

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